Tuesday, 19 October 2010

More books

I've read two more books by Cecelia Ahern, only got one book by her left now.

One of the book I read was "Thanks for the memories". It was rather confusing at first, and the story was a bit bizarre, but it'a good book.
It's about a man that donates blood, and then the woman receiving it also get some of the man's memories. like I said, rather bizarre.
I donated blood myself yesterday (or I was feeding vampires as I usually say) and I really hope the person getting my blood doesn't get my memories as well, haha.
While I'm  on the subject of donating blood, I just want to say that I think that's something everyone should do if they can, you never know whether you'll ever need blood yourself. Don't leave it up to everyone else to do it as they might think it's up to you. It only takes a few minutes out of your day, and by doing it you might save someone's life.

The other book I read was "The Book of Tomorrow", it was good, but it's more of a teenage-y book I think. It did have a lot of twists and turn, and it was fairly exciting.
It's about  a girl whose father has killed himself and they're in a lot of debt, so they move in with some family in the country. And then the girl learns a lot about her family and it's secrets.
Like I said it's more teenage-y than the others but don't get me wrong it's still a good book. I think this book could very easily be made into a film.

I've only got one more book by Cecelia Ahern to read now and I've read all of them, the ones she's written up until now anyway. She's also written a few short stories that I wouldn't mind reading. One thing that all her book has in common is that they all make me want to go to Ireland... Maybe I should save up and see if I can go before  go to Australia.

Speaking of Australia, I also when to my old school yesterday to get the letter I wrote about before, so I'm nearly ready to apply for financial support now. Just hope I get it.

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