Friday, 13 September 2013

The Moving Drama - Continues or Ends?

Click here for my previous post about the moving drama.

Right, so Joe and I thought we had to move out in October, only one month from now! Then, about a month ago, we got a letter through the post saying that our contract would go over to a kind of rolling contract… We can stay and we only have to give one month's notice if we want to leave. Apparently the first letter we got about having to move in October was just a way of saying that October is when our lease is up! (They really could have worded that letter differently!)

So anyway. Joe and I talked about it; I kind of want to move to a smaller place that will be slightly cheaper to keep warm in winter, Joe wants to stay as he feels like this is a home and it's too much hassle to move… I agree with the hassle bit. 

So we are staying. 

For now.

I figured I should give him his will for once.

Since we just have to give one month's notice if we want to leave I agreed to see how it goes with the heating bill in autumn and the start of winter. However, I also told Joe that rather than turning the heating on as soon as he's a bit chilly he can put some clothes on…. Meaning I will have to do the same… I need to buy some warm clothes for myself! (Damn it, I don't like shopping!)

I'll admit, I'm slightly tempted to just move out, but it is starting to feel a little bit like a home, and if I did move out I would have to get money for a new deposit and for someone with a van to move my stuff so that would cost money as well. And I would still have to share with someone to actually make it cheap enough. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. 

One thing that really bugs me about all this is that I sold my dining room table! I thought we would have to move out, we had only used it three times, and I wanted a smaller place so I decided to sell it. Fair enough, I got to go to Bristol with the money I got for it, but as it turns out I didn't actually need to sell it! Of course now it's gone we both wish we had it again. Oh well.

I'm not even sure what I'm hoping will happen. Part of me is wanting to stay in this house as I'm tired of moving around, while another part of me almost hopes the heating bill will be too high and that we will have to move to a smaller, cheaper place, just so I will have more money left of my wages after paying the bills. It's not too bad though, I can manage, touch wood.

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