Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Last week I was back in Norway for a few days. It was really nice to see some of my family and friends again, and there was even a little bit of snow!

One of my friends who lives in Trondheim had travelled down to Molde for a few days so I was very happy to see her for a few hours on Tuesday before she had to head back north. 

Before I left the UK I had already decided that I wanted to walk up one of the small mountains and watch the sun rise over the mountains, weather permitting. As my mum was off work I managed to convince her to come with me. I'll admit, when I woke up Wednesday morning I was kind of hoping for an overcast sky so I could go back to sleep but as soon as I saw the stars when looking through the blinds I was happy to get out of bed.

When we parked at the parking lot for the mountain we were nervous we were going to miss the sunrise as the sky was already pink above the mountaintops, so we walked fairly quickly to the top… Which isn't really that quick when there is snow on the ground and you're very unfit.

When we got to the top the sun luckily hadn't come up over the mountains yet so we found a nice place with a view to sit down and have some tea and "tjukklefse" (a local snack). 

How we didn't loose our fingers to frostbite I don't know! The sun took its sweet time getting all the way over the mountains. In the paper it had said sunrise would be at 9.45, but as we came to realise that means the sea-level sunrise, not the mountaintop sunrise. 

It was still completely worth it though and we both got some very nice pictures, I only had my phone camera to take pictures with as I didn't pack my DSLR for this trip to Norway.

Although I had things planned for every day I was in Vestnes I din't feel like I was rushing about at all, it still felt like a relaxing vacation, but then again it's more like going home than anything else, and I don't have to go to work!

The best game in the world!

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