Friday, 10 December 2010

Phone trouble

I can be rather stupid sometimes, like when I know I can't upgrade my unlocked iPhone because then it will become locked again, and then I go ahead and upgrade it! Silly me. And now I can't get it unlocked again, I've looked on the internet, and there are many ways of unlocking it again it seems, but I need to get it into dfu mode, which it won't do! I've tried everything!
There are programs that say they will put the phone in to dfu mode without me having to spend hours trying to get the home + power button combination right, but those programs won't work either!

I've given up on sorting it now, so this morning when the shops opened I practically ran in to town to get myself a new phone. I probably spent half an hour - hour in front of the wall with the phones before deciding on a new one. Luckily I just got paid today, although I still didn't really want to spend to much money on a new phone. In the end I settled for a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.
They didn't have one in, but they'll get it Monday or Tuesday, so in the meantime I've got to borrow a really old Nokia from the store, although not as old as the one I have from the last time I had a Nokia, that one's about 8 years old. But I think it was really decent of them to lend me a phone, now I just have to find out how it works.

Seeing as I have to wait until at least Monday before I get my new phone, I could just as well have bought a new one online, they've got cheaper ones. And then I could have used my ancient Nokia 3310 until it arrived. But at least now I can just run down to the local electronics store if there's anything wrong with the new phone.
It's such a hassle changing phones, especially now that I can't get into my iPhone to get my contacts and things like that. I loved my iPhone, but I think it's best I don't get one again, unless I get a completely new unlocked one that I can upgrade as much as I want. 
I've also got all my shifts on my phone, but at least I know when I have to be at work today, so I can write down the rest when I'm there.

While I was looking for a way to sort out my iPhone I came across a very funny page on the internet, called Damn You Auto Correct! I think one of the reasons I haven't cried my eyes out over effing up my iPhone is because I've sat laughing so hard at all the funny auto correct mistakes on this page.

Anyway, make sure you don't do the same mistake I did, take care of your phones.

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