Monday, 9 July 2012

Hostel 639

When I was in London this weekend for my friend's wedding (more about that in another post) I stayed at Hostel 639.

Te staff was fairly helpful but the English to most of them wasn't really good which lead to a couple of misunderstandings, but it wasn't too bad.

Since I had to get ready for the wedding I booked a single room so that I didn't have to worry about waking anyone up or being in their way or anything. There was still two bunk beds in the room that I got, but it was nice as that way I had something to put my stuff on, there was also two chairs, a desk and even a sink and shower! All that was missing was the toilet. It was really nice to have a shower in the bedroom as from what could see there wasn't any place to put your things in the shared showers. Only thing I didn't like about it was that the water pressure was WAY too low! I had to rinse my toothbrush for a whole 10 seconds after I brushed my teeth to get it clean.

The door to the room seemed a bit flimsy, I don't think it would take much to get in if you really wanted to.

They had 24 hour reception, which was really helpful since I had to check out at 4.30am. And there was always security there and they did actually check that you stayed at the hostel when you came in in the late afternoon/evening and probably in the day time if the security guy didn't recognise you.

The hostel was also right across the street from the underground so that was nice.

I had to use the computer when I got to the hostel on Friday to make sure I got my wages, it was 50pence for half an hour which isn't too bad, only one of the 5, FIVE, computers was working so I had to wait for a bit, but that was fine. When I finally got on the computer there was only the one thing I really wanted to check... For that I needed java... Of course the computer didn't have that. And the computer wouldn't let me install it either. Fun. So I asked for my money back, since I had only been on the computer for a couple of minutes trying to sort it out, but they wouldn't give it to me. But luckily the guy was nice enough to lend me his laptop so I still got to check my bank. But I still thought I should have gotten my money back since I was only on the computer for a few minutes.

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