Thursday, 26 July 2012

Work "change" already?

The last few weeks I've been getting some more training and responsibilities at work. Instead of just filling in merchandise in the store I've been learning some more warehouse duties, like receiving the deliveries from our suppliers, counting it, registering what we get into our system, writing the suppliers or the head office e-mails if something isn't quite right, etc. So I spend 6am to about 11am filling in merchandise and stuff and then I help out with the other warehouse duties.

I'm loving it! It's nice to get some more hours and I'm also learning lots of new things. Counting and registering the new merchandise also makes me know what I should focus on getting out in the shop the next morning. I'm also getting to do some office-type-work, which is wonderful since I've been wanting to do that since I did my RSA in England. It's a nice way to start on the office work, and finding out if I actually like it, since I've never done that before. I get to ease into it and at the same time I'm actually getting some experience so that it will be easier for me to get an office job at a later time if I still want one.

There are some of the guys that works in the warehouse, not filling in merchandise, that's leaving soon and one of the guys hinted that the warehouse manager might ask me to just go full time in just the warehouse part instead of filling in merchandise in the mornings and then do the other warehouse stuff, since I'm learning it all. I'm not sure what I'll reply... I'm liking finishing work early and not working Saturdays and I'm kind of scared about doing just the office stuff and deliveries on my own (but I'm always worried about new responsibilities), but at the same time it would be great to not have to get up so early and get to do more office-style work... But I'm getting ahead of myself, the warehouse manager hasn't asked me yet and I do enjoy the way it is now where I get to do both. Doing both also means that I get to work as long hours as I want and having the opportunity of making more money instead of having work-hours "set in stone", I also don't have to be there handing out heavy deliveries to customers on my own, although I know I could always get someone from the store to help me out if that happens.

I'll let you know what happens.

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