Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Excuses, excuses...

Well, from next month on I'm a full-time employee! Just need to sign the paperwork first.

The meeting with the store manager went well. I'm not  very good at listening to praise so I probably looked like a strawberry during the whole meeting. One of the first things the store manager said was that during the two and a half weeks he's been back from paternity-leave he's already noticed what a great worker I am and that I'm a person he wants on the team more than just part-time.

I did actually kind of negotiate on my wages as well. I didn't actually say "this is the wages I want", we just talked about what I actually do and then after a bit landed on a sum we both agreed on. I'm still getting paid hourly for this month though, which is good considering how many hours I put in during stock-take.

I also got more responsibilities; I'm the supervisor of the merchandise re-stocking team that I originally joined and I'm still part of and I've got more official responsibility of the storeroom.

I didn't say anything about England, I had the full intention to, but he never actually asked how long I was planning to stay with the company or anything... And anyway, a lot can happen in a year! It just means that instead of one month notice (or whatever it is now) I might have to give 3 months notice or something, I'm a planner anyway so that's not a big issue. But I do feel bad about not saying anything... It just seemed a bit silly: "I might move to England in a years time, but of course something might happen so that I don't go...." I mean.... What if something DOES happen that means I don't go to England? Am I supposed to give up a chance to have a full-time job because of that?

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