Sunday, 21 October 2012


I've never been to Aas before. It's a really small place. If the university wasn't there it would probably be smaller than where I'm from! It's a really pretty place though and only half an hour from Oslo by train, so it's fairly central. You'd think that because it's such a small place it would be cheap to live there, but because of the university and the proximity to Oslo it's apparently quite expensive.

Anyway. It seemed like a nice place. It was raining heavily on Saturday so we didn't really walk around much, we'll save that for another time I go to visit her. We stayed inside and watched a few movies until it was time to head out for the Royksopp concert.

When we were heading toward the place where the concert was held we bumped into some other student that were going to the concert as well, but they were stopping by a house party for a few minutes first, and they dragged us along with them. We only stayed for a short time, but it was really cool. It was a choir of girls and a choir of guys, both dressed in special "uniforms" and singing to each other. It was a lot of fun listening to them and it reminded me of when I was studying music.
There wasn't that many people at the concert when we got there, which was just when it started, but I think a lot of people did like the choirs and had a before-party and then just showed up whenever since the doors didn't close.

The concert was okay. I'm not really a bit Royksopp fan or anything, but it was fun to do something other than just hang out and watch a movie, which is what my friend M and I usually do. But part of me wish I had just saved the money and hung out with M during the day and gone back home Saturday evening. I think if I go to a concert again it will have to be someone that I actually like performing. I'm not good with crowds, and after a while we moved a bit closer to the stage and people were practically standing on top of me. I didn't like it. I don't really like people touching me, especially strangers so when I have to stand so close to someone that we're touching I get really uncomfortable. Oh well, all part of the concert experience I guess.

I need to learn to not pack a handbag, it's usually just in the way in events like this, no matter how small it is. Another problem was my shoes. I was wearing winter boots because it's getting quite cold, but they are a size too big for me so I was a bit uncomfortable.
After the concert we went to a different part of the student community where there was like 20 small bars. It was quite cool, all the bars had different themes and some had different music (depending on how far away from each other the bars were). It was fun but after an hour or so I'd had enough and we went back to my friend's and went to bed. It was still about 2am by the time we left though, which is the latest I've been out in AGES!

It was an okay weekend, but I'm glad I went back to Oslo early today so that I can chill out and spend some time alone.

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....Petty Witter said...

Loving the new look of your blog. Those are some wonderful photos, I'm just sorry that for some reason i wasn't able to access the video footage.


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