Saturday, 27 October 2012

The SCARY meme.

A special Halloween meme from Sunday Stealing. Join in the fun!

1. What do you think is the best costume for Halloween? I think there are so many great costumes. I love to see pictures of people that have really made an effort and actually look scary and not just girls dressed "trashy".
2. What would an alien think of humans if it came to Earth on Halloween? How would I know?
3. Who would you haunt? Not sure I would haunt anyone. I hope that when I die I don't have anything still holding my soul back.
4. Are you afraid of the dark? no, but when I've watched scary films I'm a little bit nervous about what might be hiding behind me where I can't see it.
5. Do you pass out candy or hide with the lights out? I pass out candy, Halloween isn't that big in Norway though and the one time I can remember passing out candy I remember I was shocked at how rude the kids were! Not even a thank you!
6. What scary movie do you like best? I used to love watching scary movies when I was younger, not so much now, I scare more easily. I like the ones that play on your psyche instead of just throwing heaps of blood on the camera.
7. If you had to wear a costume for a week, what would you be? Maybe someone out of a Jane Austen book, Elizabeth Bennet. Not scary, but I love the proper old, OLD, clothes!
8. What do you think of Ouija boards? Never tried one, but I think they look interesting and a great way to connect with the spirit world for those that can channel through one.
9. Have you ever told ghost stories around a fire? Not around a fire, but I used to write short ghost stories when I was younger and tell them to my cousins in a dark room. My aunt told me to stop because I scared them so much they couldn't sleep... *evil grin*
10. Trick? Or Treat? Treat!!
11. Have you ever been in a haunted house? A real one? I don't know, maybe. I've thought a house has been haunted many times but I can't remember even being in one that I have been told is haunted.
12. What would you do if you saw a ghost? I would probably be quite scared because it's not something I would expect to see.
13. Question 13, should we have skipped this and jumped to 14? ...Yes
14. Are you brave enough to walk into a grave yard after dark on Halloween? Sure, why not?
15. Do you like chocolate? What kind? I like Cadbury's Double Deckers, KitKats, and other chocolates that have something in them, plain milk chocolate can get a bit boring, but is nice on occation.
16. Who would look better in a clown costume? Obama or Romney? Don't really care.
17. Are you in the path of Frankenstorm? No.
18. Post a link to any other blog: A Spoonful of...


Banker Chick said...

I am visiting all the links, seems to be a great crafting blog, I love her trip to Salem.

**** April **** said...

I am EXACTLY the same... I used to LOVE scary movies and now.... they really freak me out!

I agree with you, too, on the KitKats! YUM

Marites said...

I quite agree, there are really more exciting even weirder costumes nowadays. visiting thru sunday stealing here.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I agree kids are getting really rude on Halloween night. They think its due them now I think

Have a great sunday.

Mr Lance said...

Thank you for playing! I don't know anyone that watches scary movies in the complete dark. Happy Halloween!


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