Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A new toy!

I've been wanting an SLR camera for years now, when I saw on TV on Sunday that one of the electronic stores had a sale on I just couldn't wait any longer! I actually didn't get the one that was on sale, well, I got the same camera but with a better lens and slightly cheaper at a different store.

I am really looking forward to using it and learning more about how to use it. It's not top of the range but it's a nice camera to start out with. No point in spending loads of money on a camera I might en up using only a few times a month.

At least I'll hopefully get some really good pictures from my America trip now.

Only "problem" is; it's a little heavier than your regular compact camera, not as easy to just put in a handbag (unless you've got one of those monster ones).

My dad has also told me to have a look at lenses while I'm in America as apparently they are a lot cheaper there, so I might just get one more with a better zoom on it or something, we'll see.


Kathy said...

Hi Lily (Vanja?) If you want a business in NYC with genuine lenses at great prices (they also do online) let me know. I've bought some for a couple of Canon DSLRs and they're very reliable and great prices. Kaby

Vanja Holm said...

Yes, I decided to get a Google+ account and then use my real name since I already posted a picture of myself at Christmas. I would love to know what business you're talking about :)

Kathy said...

Great to see the real you! Here's the shop. They have a good reputation as Canon dealers - shop in NYC looks a little grotty, but Google them or check ebay - good reputation and I found great prices - compared to Oz, anyway - not sure how Norway measures up. Good luck.


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