Saturday, 10 November 2012

I'm back!!

I always get in a bad mood when I get back to Norway after being abroad, probably because I don't actually want to live here. Still, I have to admit, it's kind of nice to be home and not have my things in my suitcase any more, even though this time it was only for 2 weeks. I actually came home on Friday because I figured I'd probably get a cold as soon as I was heading home and would need time to recover before going back to work. That's a bit sad, isn't it? But I was right, and it's nice to not have to call in sick at work as soon as I'm back from a two week holiday.

It's been a great two weeks, I've seen a lot and had a wonderful time catching up with friends.

I want to move back!!

I am seriously considering handing in my notice at work and moving back to the UK as soon as possible, I have even been offered to rent a room in a friend's house outside Manchester. But that would mean waiting a bit longer to go to the US, although if I wait my friend would get some more time to save up for it... Tempting... But I might have to spend all my savings waiting to find a job...

Anyway! I'm getting off topic. In the next few days there will be plenty of posts and pictures of what I've seen, as well as a few book reviews seeing as I read a lot when I travel.

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