Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Posh beggars

I don't like the charity collectors on the streets. I will actually take a longer route than planned just to avoid them. The other day I knew where some of them were standing, so I walked through a store with two different entrances to avoid them. 

I get that they want to collect money for a charity, and it is usually a good cause, but if I want to donate to a charity I will do it online, or I will buy something where the proceeds go to charity. Like buying books at the Oxfam store or a birthday/Christmas present for someone at a charity store.

It wasn't so bad before I got a job, I would actually stop and chat with them for a sec and then tell then I couldn't donate as I didn't have a job (is that nicer as you actually talk to them or is it worse as you might be giving them false expectations?), some of them would keep saying "But it's only a couple of quid a month!" but most of them would understand and leave me alone. 

Now that I have a job though I feel slightly bad about saying no, but I think that's mostly about feeling bad for the people that actually have to do that job as a living. They are basically beggars. Yes, they're begging for someone else, you know the money you donate actually go to a good cause and not drugs, but still. They're beggars. I look at them as Posh Beggars.

Sure, if I get a different job, full time so I know how much I'm earning a month I might donate to a charity but I won't sign up to do it with one of the posh beggars, I'd do it online to a charity of my choice instead of feeling like I was being forced into donating to a charity I don't really want to donate to on the streets.

I get that they might have to go out on the streets to "promote" their charity as many might not know about it and it's a good way to make people think about donating to a specific charity, but there are so many ads on TV for charities now (not that I like those either) that they shouldn't really need to hit the streets, and also instead of trying to stop people and talk to them they could just hand out leaflets about the charities or something. That way people can read about the charity in their own home and decide whether to donate or not without feeling pressured. 

I wonder how those "beggars" feel. I couldn't do that job. Seeing people avoid me and pick up their pace to pretend they're in a hurry, pretend they don't see me. I could't do it. What must it feel like to them? They must be fairly confident people to be able to do that job!

The thing that's most annoying though is when you've said "no, thank you" or "no, sorry" and they keep pestering you. They even follow you and talk about the charity! I've said no, now back off! I get they have to be forward to try and get donations but no means no, no matter what the context. 

How do you feel about people collecting for charities on the street? Have you worked as one?

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