Saturday, 13 July 2013

Death du Jour

The second book by Kathy Reichs did not disappoint. It was just as exciting as the first one if not more.

They did not have this book at the local library but instead of getting them to order it for me I decided to check my luck at the Oxfam store instead. It would have cost me 80p to order it, which would have been cheaper, but I would have had to wait for it to arrive, instead I was lucky enough to find it at Oxfam for £1.99, much cheaper than new at a bookstore.

In this book Dr. Temperance Brennan is working on some ancient remains as well as getting a lot of separate new cases. It was interesting to find out how they would all get wrapped up. In some places I was sure I knew how it would end, and who was to blame and then there was a surprising twist to change it all.

Since Kathy Reichs actually works as a forensic anthropologist she can use a lot from her real life in the books, but I hope her life isn't as dangerous as it is in the books… Death threats, assaults, people breaking in… It all makes a book very exciting but would be terrifying in real life.

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