Friday, 12 July 2013

Déjà Dead

You know the TV series "Bones"? Ever since I started watching it several years ago I loved it! Then I found out that the series is loosely based on the life and books by real forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, so then I wanted to read the books but I just never got around to it. There are a lot of books by Kathy Reichs, and I wanted to read them in the order they were written and every time I was thinking about starting to read the books the bookshop or library didn't have the first book; Déjà Dead, in stock. 

The other week I got Chesterfield library to order it in for me from a different library, it cost me 80p, slightly annoyed by having to pay as I didn't have to do that when the library in Norway ordered in books for me, but it's heaps cheaper than buying it new so it was fine.

If you have watched the TV series "Bones" and you want to read the Kathy Reichs books; don't think about them being connected in any way!! The only similarity is the main character having the same name and working as a forensic anthropologist, their personalities are not even the same. The first few chapters kind of dragged because I kept thinking it was going to be the same characters and setting etc as the TV series, it's not.

Do not think it's going to be like the TV series when reading the books!!

Once I stopped thinking about "Bones" the book got much better, and I struggled putting it down. I've not read a lot of crime but I think I will have to start reading more, I tend to be pleasantly surprised when I do read it. It's really gripping and kind of scary… One problem with reading it is my overactive imagination when I try to go to sleep… 

I like that Kathy Reichs is actually a forensic anthropologist in real life so she knows what she's writing about.

I am now addicted to Kathy Reichs and I'm going to try to read the rest of her books!

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