Saturday, 5 April 2014

10 places I want to visit - North America

I was going to just do a list of 10 places I want to see for the whole world, but there are just too many places! So I decided to do a list of each continent instead (excluding Antarctica).

Of course there are more than 10 places to see on each continent, some places I haven't even thought of, but I had to have some cut-off-point. In no particular order:

North America

  • Alaska. I would love to go and see the Northern Lights and the midnight sun there, I know I can see those things in Norway as well but it would be even more special to see it while exploring somewhere completely new
  • Calgary & Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I have a friend from Red Deer, it would be interesting to see where she grew up
  • Prince Edward Island, Canada. Because of Anne of Green Gables of course
  • Nashville, Tennessee. One of the greatest music cities of all time
  • Hawaii
  • California. So many great cities to explore
  • Seattle 
  • Las Vegas. Bound to be an experience
  • New Orleans
  • The Ben and Jerry Factory, Vermont

What would your 10 places in North America be? 
If you could go anywhere in North America right now, where would you go?

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