Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Writing fiction?!

I've just started an Open University course through Future Learn called "start writing fiction". 

I used to love writing when I was a teenager, I always wrote about 10 pages more than I had to on story writing assignments at school. I still have some of the stories I wrote, although looking at them now the writing style is very childish. The stories themselves are fairly good, just needs a bit of a polish.

The first writing assignment on the Future Learn course sounded simple enough; write two paragraphs between 50 and 100 words, one with 1 truth and 3 fictions, the other with 1 fiction and 3 truths. I think I spent between half an hour to an hour trying to write the one with 3 fictions! I have gotten so used to writing the truth on this blog I don't know how to write fiction anymore! So of course I am really looking forward to getting back into writing fiction through this course.

Can you tell the facts from fiction?

1 fact, 3 fictions
I remember when I went to school; in every new class we had to sit down in a circle and every person would introduce themselves to the rest of the class. I loved it when I had to repeat the name of all the people introducing themselves before me, I was usually within the 5 first people so I didn’t have to repeat many names. Although I did struggle remembering the names the year I was an exchange student in China, they were just so different from the names I’m used to hearing.

1 fiction, 3 facts

Sometimes it can be quite nice working shifts. Like now, I’ve got 4 days off in a row, that doesn’t happen very often. I can go shopping when the 24-hour supermarkets are almost completely empty, I can go to the zoo, or the Blue John Cavern, or Chatsworth and other places when children are at school so it’s nice and quiet. In addition, daytime TV shows are the best!

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