Sunday, 3 April 2011

About me

You know when you create a profile on various pages, or you fill in some forms, and there's an "about me" section, what do you write?

Every time I'm supposed to write about myself my brain just doesn't want to work. As soon as I see the title "about me" my brain just stops working, I can barely remember my own age.

The last time I was supposed to fill in one of those section was when I was creating an au pair profile online. I basically just wrote that I like to work with children and I've worked as an au pair before. That's it. Done.

I don't understand people that are able to write really long or really funny "about me" sections or even both. Do they write it in advance? Or get someone else to write it? Is it just me that don't have a life and therefore can't write about myself?

I realize this probably sounds strange since I write this blog, but this is more about my thoughts of things, not me. If you get what I'm saying...

Seriously, any tips or tricks out there to actually remember "who you are"?

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