Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter surprises

Well my easter started off with a surprise.

On Thursday morning both my sister and I got a text from my dad just saying "In Lillehammer". Lillehammer is on the way from where my dad lives and to where we live. So after a second we realized he was coming up for easter! Which we hadn't known about. He called a few hours later (it's an 8 hour drive from Oslo, and he's not even halfway when he's at Lillehammer) and explained that he'd only thought about coming that morning, he had been planning to do some work on the house that he's selling, but then decided he wanted to come and see us instead. So my sister and I were very happy, I think the last time he was up here was at Christmas, so we hadn't seen him in a while. We'll see him again in about 3 weeks though, for my sister's confirmation, but it was still nice of him to come now.

My dad is from this place as well and has loads of family up here. Whenever he's here he stays with my grandmother. My grandmother wasn't home this easter which meant my sister and I could also stay in my grandmother's house, instead of our parents having to drive us back and forth (20 minute drive between their houses). The house is kind of divided into two flats, my grandmother lives downstairs, and my aunt lives upstairs with her fiancĂ©e and two little girls.

The weather has been really nice since Friday, which was lucky because we had some boxes of things stored in the basement and attic from when we used to live where my aunt lives now, so we took all the boxes outside and went through them to see what we wanted to keep and not. I just threw most of my old stuff away. I've not had most of it for about 10 years, and I've not missed it, I've not even remembered most of it, so what's the point in keeping it? My sister took some of my old clothes. I can't even believe I fit into them at one point!

Anyway, we made a bonfire... Not very environmental friendly... I did put some things in a bag to put in a charity container though...
We also shot the crockery to pieces... My dad has an air revolver, we lined up some plates and cups as targets and then shot them. Which was fun. I missed most of the times.
Me: Missing is good though, isn't it? I mean, it's not like it's a really good thing to know how to fire a gun.
Dad: No, it's not good. If you own a weapon you should know how to use it.
Me: I don't own it though, you do.
Dad: .... Yeah... You're right.

I was going to write about all this while I was at my grandmothers place, but the wireless internet wasn't working.

Before I knew my dad was coming I had planned to either hike or bike everyday I was off (I probably would have lasted a day) so when I came back to my mum's this morning I changed and went hiking, which was exhausting, but felt really nice when I reached the top. Spring has finally arrived as well, so there were a few flowers next to the trail.

After I got home and had taken a shower I thought I'd sit outside and read a book since the weather was so nice, so I put a sleeveless top and some suncream on and went outside... Guess what happened? Of course, the sun decided to hide behind some clouds. I don't even know where the clods came from since there hadn't been any clouds when I was hiking!

Since the temperature dropped when the sun hid I went back inside, where I saw my sister eating some sweets from a HUGE easter egg. I told her "That's a big egg!" and she told me there was one for me as well! And she pointed next to the fireplace, where there was a big green egg with a big post-it with my name on it! I must have walked past that fireplace 10 times since I got back this morning and I didn't see it! So the easter bunny came with sweets for me as well. That's almost a bigger surprise than my dad coming to see us!

Hope you've all had a nice easter as well, here are another couple of pictures I took while staying at my grandmother's.

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