Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I even remembered my jeans!

I'm going to Trondheim to visit a friend for the weekend, actually it will be for an extra long weekend, as I leave tomorrow morning and come back Monday or Tuesday. I just hope I'll be able to get up for the coach tomorrow morning, I've got a late shift tonight.

Almost everything is packed. I just need to remember to bring my trainers home from work when I finish tonight, because my friend is going to drag me with her to the gym, which should be fun. She talked about a spinning class though, which I've never done before. I've got a feeling I'll do a Bridget Jones and fall of the bike.

I'm really looking forward to seeing my friend, I've not seen her since Christmas, when she was down here to spend the holiday with her family.

Last time I went up to Trondheim was for her hen-do last summer. I wore a dress going up there on the coach because the hen-do was the same day. I was the maid of honor, kind of (that whole system's different in Norway, hard to explain), so I'd arranged the whole thing, with some help of course since I wasn't in Trondheim. But I did manage to keep everything secret from my friend, she only knew what day it was.

To start the day of I'd arranged for her sister-in-law, T, to pick her up and take her to a spa, where a treatment was already booked for her. When she came out after the treatment I was standing there waiting for her, she hadn't known when I'd show up. I'd run from the coach station to the spa, luckily the coach wasn't late or anything.

Then we went for a walk into town where T and I were telling her what the plans were for the day, for example her standing in a roundabout with some alcohol and a sign saying "Bert, bert så tar jeg en knert." (honk, honk and I'll take a swig). Which of course was all a lie, I know her better than to think she'd like that. We actually ended up at a nice Italian restaurant where a few more of her friends were waiting for us, and after the restaurant we went home to one of the friends where we had wine and played some standard hen-do games.

Anyway, the next morning when I was going to get dressed I noticed that I had forgotten to pack my jeans, or any type of trousers, hence the title of this post. I had to borrow some jeans from my friend, then go into town and buy some new ones. And you know when you look for something specific, you definitely can't find it! I found some in the end, they're not really nice or anything, so I hardly ever wear them now, but they were cheap, and at least I had something to wear until I went home.

I don't have to worry about that this weekend though, because I've remembered to pack some jeans, I'm also wearing a pair when going up there, so I'll definitely have some.

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