Sunday, 17 April 2011

She did WHAT?

Someone told me about a local elderly lady woman yesterday that had been caught shoplifting in one of the other grocery stores in out little town quite a few times. Which on it's own is kind of shocking, I don't really expect older people to do thing like that, and also of course I'd like to think the best of people (without being naive). Apparently she's quite rich as well, so I guess she does it for the excitement? Although I can't really see how anyone would find shoplifting exciting, I'd probably be stressed to death if I tried to shoplift anything.

But it doesn't end with just regular shoplifting...

In Norway we've got this kind of fee on bottles, kind of like an environmental fee I guess (except for on wine and liquor bottles). Say you buy a bottle of 7up: you pay the price for the pop/soda/whatever and then you pay NOK1 or NOK2,50 depending on the size and type of bottle. When you return the bottle, you get the NOK1 or NOK2,50 back. There are machines to return them in in most grocery stores, you get a receipt for the bottles you have returned that you can hand in at the till, and you can use it to pay for your groceries, or you can just get the money. There are also charity boxes next to the bottle machines in some stores so that you can just put the receipt in those, which is what I usually do the few times I've bought a bottle of something. I don't know which other countries has this system, I think at least Sweden and Denmark has it as well.

Many poor/homeless people pick up bottles they find lying around and rummage through bins just to get the money for them. And just the other day some teenagers were collecting empty bottles to finance the school band or something. I like this system, you get money and you help the environment.

Anyway. That little old lady woman I wrote about. She'd managed to squeeze her hand into the charity box next to the bottle machines and taken some receipts out! Then she took them to the till and got the money for them. Who DOES that?! Steal from CHARITY? That's just SICK! I don't care what you think is exciting and not, or whether you're rich or not, but stealing from charity is just WRONG!

And that is why she's not a lady.


Arti said...

Stealing from charity is sick, you are right... And here in India too we can return the glass coke bottles and get 1 rupee in return... Shop lifting is now a days rampant with even affluent persons not averse from it... Visiting from Petty Witters blog, have a nice day:)

....Petty Witter said...

I have to agree with you on this one, stealing from charity is so wrong.

Thank you for telling us about this bottle scheme, it is always interesting to know how other countries deal with these things.


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