Sunday, 9 October 2011

Crazy... or awesome?

Right before I was going home from Brisbane today I saw a wedding couple getting their picture taken. Only it wasn't at a "normal" place like in the park or anything. It was in the middle of a busy intersection! They were running onto the middle every time the light was red for the cars. I thought maybe it was for a photo-shoot or something for a minute, but the way the bride and groom was interacting when they were waiting for the lights to change, so they could get their picture taken, was a bit too lovey-dovey for that. They are a very beautiful couple.

You can see one of the photographers in the background, I could see at least three photographers, but maybe there were more?
I wonder how long they had to run into the intersection like that?
Personally I think they will get some really awesome and kind of "urban" pictures.  What do you think? Awesome or crazy?

I also got a picture of the "palace". Probably one of the more iconic Brisbane buildings. I thought it was a hotel or something, but I looked it up when I got home and it's actually a backpackers place!
And I was glad I have learnt how to use my go-card properly today as they were doing checks on the train back from the city.

The first couple of times I used my go-card I touched it to the big top-up machine instead of the small touch-in touch-out machines. You would think they were linked together somehow, but they're not. I've learnt how to use it now though.

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