Sunday, 23 October 2011

What have I done now?!

I went out to meet The Paramedic from last nights post tonight. He sent me a text earlier today asking if I wanted to meet him and his friends at a bar in town. I spent about an hour trying to decide whether I should or not. Just because I've got work in the morning. I have to get up at 6! And I was at a wine tasting earlier today, should be enough alcohol for one weekend!

In the end I decided to go.

I had to look up the bar on the map first as I had no idea where I was going. I found it and I managed to get there, even with the Sunday trains. I'm just glad I was getting off at Roma street because the train didn't go any further tonight because of some work on the lines or whatever.

So I got to the pub and his two best mates are there, as well as his housemate from last night and also his sister! I did have to tell myself to breathe for the first few minutes. They were all nice people though, the housemate didn't seem as jealous as she had yesterday, which was good of course.

The Paramedic also told me he liked me, so at least I won't have to wonder about that. (woho!!) We have also kind of planned to go out on Sunday, which will then be our first totally sober meeting, so that should be interesting.

We were having a nice night, just chatting, drinking, dancing and whatever, then suddenly someone stole his sunglasses! His $500 sunglasses! Which of course upset him. He was trying to see if he could find them for a while, but could't see them anywhere.

Anyway, I had to leave a little bit after that, I didn't want to stay up to late and The Father was picking me up so I didn't want to leave him waiting. The Paramedic and his friends were leaving as well and they were getting a lift from his sister back to his house and were planning to continue drinking, they invited me but I just wanted to get home and get some sleep (yeah, I should be sleeping now but I'm not tired enough).

After The Paramedic and I said goodbye to each other outside the pub, one of his mates came running after me and asked what happened. I told him nothing happened I just had to catch the train, so then he said that I should get The Paramedic to go on the train with me, because we were going the same way anyway. So I walked over to him and told him what his friend suggested and we walked to the train station together.

And BOY am I glad he came on the train with me!!!!

Getting to the train station was an effort in itself.... I was just going to go the same way I came, since that way I knew where I was going, but The Paramedic said there was an easier route. Since he's from Brisbane I trusted him..... It took us about twice as long to get there. He got lost!

We finally got on the train and I was going to call The Father and tell him, so that he would know when to pick me up. Only problem was: my battery was flat! And I don't know the number by heart! The Paramedic lent me his phone so I could go on Facebook and write The Father a message, as he didn't have his number saved on Facebook either. I didn't get a reply.

It was a quiet train ride home, The Paramedic was upset about his sunglasses and I was trying to figure out how to get home. The Paramedic offered to let me stay at his place for the night and then he would drive me home in the morning, but I didn't feel comfortable not coming home without telling The Mother and The Father. If I was the one waiting I would be worried sick!!!

In the end The Paramedic called a taxi for me that would be at my stop when I got there.

As you're reading this, obviously I got home. But whatever forces are out there did not want us to have a good night tonight, so I'm just kind of wondering what I have done to upset them!


Leslie said...

I hope that things with the medic work out.. sounds like a nice guy! Too bad about those sunglasses.. that sucks!!!!!
Hope that your need date goes great.

Kaby said...

Mmmm, I think differently. Shouldn't a gentleman have made sure you got home safely - that night, not promise to get you home the next day? He knows you're not in your hometown. I think he should be more focussed on you than his bloody sunglasses!!

Lilly said...

He did offer to get a taxi from his stop so that he could see I got on it, but that would have been a really expensive taxi ride, so I declined and just told him to get one from my stop. He also also told me when I sent him a text when I got home that he had felt really un-galant not taking me all the way home to make sure I got there safely.


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