Saturday, 8 October 2011

Storm season

The thing no one tells you about Australia; they have a storm season... Which is in summer.

That's something you don't read about on all the tourist websites. All they say is sun, sun and more sun! Apparently the storms doesn't last very long though, but still... At least they're good for people with rain water tanks, fills them up.

I don't really mind storms. I love sitting inside with a good book and maybe a hot drink while seeing the flashes of lightning and listening to the thunder. Pictures of lightning is also very beautiful, and of course you can't get those unless there is a storm.

But for any future travelers out there: just be aware that Australia isn't just sunshine, they do get bad weather as well! Although I don't really think you can complain when it's mostly sunshine!

That's what I don't get about Australians: They have a whole month of sunshine and then they complain the one day it rains! Do you know that some places in the world it's the other way around? A month of rain and finally a day of sunshine! Although people in those places still complain they day that it is sunny (it's too cold, it's too warm, it's too bright!). It seems no one can be happy with the weather all the time.

I will have to admit though that I do feel a bit disappointed on the days it's raining here. But then I just remind myself that without rain we couldn't survive, and the weather is still heaps better than it is in Norway!

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