Sunday, 2 October 2011

It feels like I'm still on the boat!

My host family and I went to Moreton Island today.
On the way over to the island we saw a dolphin with her cub! I have never seen a dolphin with my own eyes before, not that I can remember anyway, and certainly not a wild one! It didn't come very close unfortunately, but I guess that was because of the cub. Hopefully I'll get another chance at seeing dolphins one day, I would really like to swim with one as well.
Some bunkers that were apparently built during WWI, but only used during WWII
We also saw some sea turtles when we got closer to the island, but since they were all under water we couldn't see them very well, and I couldn't get a very good photo.
We got to go ashore at Tangalooma, but only for about an hour, although I guess it's not much you could do on Moreton Island unless you've got a car anyway. There were some steep sand dunes there that people were walking up and sliding down (on a piece of cardboard etc.) The sand was really weird, it was the normal whitey colour, and then it was also black... Anybody know why it's that colour? Maybe it's because of the cars?
After our hour on shore was up, we went on the boat again to the Tangalooma Wrecks. I had signed up to go snorkeling but after seeing how the swells came over the wrecks I din't want to risk it, but some people still went and did it. I kind of wish I had as well just because I've never been snorkeling before, and it would kind of be some practice before I do it up in Cairns in a couple of weeks (!!!), and it would have been fun to see if I could have seen some more marine life.
When people came back from snorkeling we had some lunch. It was quite nice actually. Still not much for any vegetarians that might have been on the boat though, There was chicken and shrimp and some lovely bread rolls, and there was potato salad and also some normal salad. I like how they hadn't mixed the normal salad together so that you could just pick what you wanted o make your own, and there was no disgusting dressing or anything on it!

As we went against the swells on the way back to Redcliffe it was a wet and bumpy ride and some people got a bit sea-sick, although that might have had something to do with the sun and the salt water... It's still disgusting though! One boy threw up right in front of me! I feel sorry for him, but I'm also very glad none of it got on me or my bag!

We went through Dolphin Wild Island Cruises, we bought our tickets a few weeks ago on offer for $49, the crew was great and it was a really good trip. I would love to do something like that again, but when the ocean is still so that maybe I could see some more dolphins and go snorkeling and stuff.

As I am writing this I am sitting in bed and it feels like I'm still on the boat! It feels like my whole body is rocking. I guess I'm just not used to spending so much time on a boat!Oh! And I'm sunburned AGAIN! Evan after using 30+ sun cream! I think I will have to buy a new, different type of sun cream before I go up to Cairns, as the sun is probably slightly stronger there...


....Petty Witter said...

How beautiful, how I wish I was there.

Leslie said...

WOW! simply beautiful!!!
Hope that you are having a great weekend.


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