Sunday, 29 January 2012

All You Need is Love

All you need is Love
By: Carole Matthews

Outer back cover: Single mum and superwoman Sally Freeman wants a better life for herself and her son Charlie. But it’s not going to be easy when their home is on a run-down Liverpool council-estate.
Just as Sally’s mission to improve their surroundings gets under way, she’s offered a ticket out of there, in the splendid form of Spencer Knight. He has everything she could wish for – the looks, the charm, not to mention the wallet. But is he the answer to her prayers, or does her hapless ex-boyfriend Johnny still hold the key to her heart?
As Sally decides what to do, she discovers that if The Beatles are right, and all you need is love, then everything else will fall into place.

One of those books where I could guess how it would end by the first page, but it was interesting to see how they got there.

The love story between Sally and Spencer moves a bit too quick and with some too over-the-top situations to be believable. Actually the love story parts of the books I didn’t really like, what I did like was the interactions of the residents on the estate and what was happening with Sally’s son Charlie. Charlie is like any other 10-year-old and young teenager and Matthews manages to capture his thoughts about the choices he has to make quite well.

It was an okay book but very “bland”, it doesn’t really stand out from any other chick-lit book.

I'm leaving this book at the hostel in Canberra.

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