Thursday, 12 January 2012

Nearly finished...

I leave my job as an au pair on Saturday. I can't wait! Don't get me wrong, the family is great, really nice, and I really feel more like a part of their family than an employee, but I've had enough. Enough of kids. And also just enough of the job. The longest I have ever stayed in one job is a year an a half I think, maybe a little bit more... I get restless, I want to try something else... Those of you that have read my blog for a while, or that know me personally, might have noticed what I'm like with changing my mind...

Anyway. I've been doing a hand-over to the new au pair the last couple of days. She's from New Zealand. A very nice girl. I think she'll do okay here.

I am coming back to Brisbane though. I'm taking the bus down to Melbourne on Saturday, but as I'll be stopping a few places on the way, like Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Canberra to name a few, I will be spending about 2 and a half weeks getting down there. Then I'm spending a week in Melbourne (and getting a new tattoo while I'm there!), before going back to Brisbane.

Why am I going back to Brisbane?

The Paramedic of course. If we're actually going to try to see each other then it does help if we're at least in the same state, and even more if we're in the same city. I'll still be travelling, but instead of going away for a month I'll go for a week or two. So when I get back to Brisbane I'll be looking for another job. I might not be able to get a farm job like I need for the second working holiday visa, but I can always come back on a student visa or something if I want to. I'll try for the farm jobs close by first, but if I have to take a "normal" job that's fine too. At least I know I've done what I can to give things a shot. It's all about compromise, right?

I'm also hopefully meeting up with Luna and her daddies while I'm in Melbourne!

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