Saturday, 21 January 2012

Port Macquarie

Day 1

I arrived late-ish in Port Macquarie, but at least I got picked up by the hostel automatically. This time I stayed at Port MacquarieYHA. It’s really small. Only 7 rooms, but it’s really nice and home-y and I got acquainted with the rest of the girls staying in my dorm very quickly, and they all seem very nice.

After I had put my stuff in the dorm I went for a quick walk to the shops to have a look around before it got dark. I look forward to having a closer look over the next 2 days, it looks like a nice place and so far I think it’s much prettier than Coffs Harbour.
 There are no bars or anything on the bunk beds… And I’ve got the top one… I hope I don’t fall off during the night!

Day 2

I didn’t fall off the bed! Still have 2 more night though.

I had to do some laundry this morning. I’m running out of clothes. $5 to use the machine! I wish I had done my laundry in Coffs as it was “only” $2.40 or something there. I asked if anybody else needed to do laundry so that we could share but no. Oh well, I don’t need to do it again for another week now. Maybe I’ll buy some detergent and just do it by hand from now on… Would be cheaper, I just don’t trust that clothes gets clean enough when they’re washed by hand.

I also got some time for the wi-fi, $4 for 1 hour, at least it works here.
 The koala hospital isn’t too far from the hostel, only a 20 minute walk or so. I went with one of the girls in my dorm, Melissa. I loved it! I wanted to steal some of the koalas home with me! The tour was very interesting, I learnt a lot. If you’re ever in Port Macquarie you should go! It’s free. You should go at 3pm though so that you get the tour, I’m glad I did that instead of just walking around on my own.

 For dinner Melissa, and I went to the Pancake Place. We both had dessert pancakes. I was going to have a dinner one as I’ve not had the dinner ones that they make before, but they only had one vegetarian option, so I went with the banana and strawberry one instead. It was yummy. Melissa and I got along great and we even planned to meet up again when I get to Sydney, possibly on Australia Day.

After dinner we walked along the beach. There were loads of rocks there that had been painted on, It looked really cool. I wonder when it first started, who painted the first rock and why? It was cool though, I’ve not see that anywhere else, at least not in such a big scale and so properly done. It’s amazing how good some people are at painting.

 Day 3

There’s possibly even less to see in Port Macquarie than Coffs Harbour, I would have managed with only 2 nights here as well, But I still like Port Macquarie better than Coffs. I think it’s because it’s prettier here, I like what I see when I go for walks. I also like that it's not very touristy, even though backpackers and tourists come here you don't really notice it.
 I leave early tomorrow morning, I have to get up at 5am, which is kind of nice because at least that way I don’t have to try and find something to do before my coach leaves. I haven’t really done much today except for walk around and write some postcards, but at least it’s been nice and relaxing.
 I think that if I book another coach-trip somewhere I’ll just book for one or two nights in the smaller places, depending on what time I arrive. Or just book it as I go along so I can choose how long I want to stay when I see the place.

Next stop: Newcastle. Any suggestions to what I should see/do?

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