Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A stressful few days

So far this week I've been on my own in the "office part" of the warehouse. The three other guys were sick, on holiday and at a course.

It's been a little bit scary, I feel there is still quite a bit I don't know, but at the same time I learn quicker when I'm just thrown into things. In a way it's been super stressful, everything has happened at once and it feels like every time I feel like I've managed to start clearing out the delivery reception area, twice as much has come and there is no room for it!

Despite the stress and nervousness I've really enjoyed it! I do like filling in merchandise as well, but I like the "office" work even more, at least then I get to use a bit more of my brain as well as getting some exercise. I think it's also because I don't like to not have anything to do when I'm at work so it's better to have 50 things to do at once than having to try and find something that needs doing.

I also feel like I've been well looked after while I've been on my own! The guys have all been calling me to ask how I'm getting on and telling me to just call them if I need help of anything, which is really nice. I'll be happy tomorrow when the manager is back from his holiday though, I hope he won't think I've done a rubbish job.

I can't have done too bad a job though, everybody has been bragging about me and to me the last week, I have to say it feels nice to know that someone actually notices that I try to work hard. I hate people that doesn't do anything when they're at work, especially when there are things that needs to be done, work is for working, you can relax and do nothing when you're at home.

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Kaby said...

I'm sure you're very skilled - your employer obviously has faith in you. You just need your confidence to grow. It will.


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