Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Paris - Day 2. Versailles!!

Friday J and I got up early and met up with a guy, D, staying at the hostel that J had met a few days ago and we all went to Versailles for the day!
View from the hostel room in the morning.
First look at Versailles
Since it's in the middle of the busiest tourist season Versailles was crazy busy, we got there when it opened so the line wasn't too long when we got there, but after a little while inside the Château it just got busier and busier until we were basically just herded along like sheep. So just like the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel I kind of felt like I didn't get to see and appreciate everything. J's guide book had said that Friday was one of the best days to come since it wouldn't be as busy then, just so that all of you know if you're planning to go there, but outside the main tourist season would probably be best. I would love to go back when it's quieter.

Even though it was busy, the Château was absolutely beautiful. There was some strange modern art things in there, but I loved seeing all the old rooms, pictures and furniture.

The hall of mirrors was beautiful, although it would have been more amazing if there were less people there. I can imagine it would look magical in there at night, and I would like to learn some more ballroom dancing so that maybe I can go to a ball there one time, not very likely but a girl has to dream. I don't even know if they do balls there, but it would be truly incredible if they do!
After being a sheep in the Château it was nice to get out into the gardens. The gardens is REALLY beautiful, and incredibly big, we probably only saw about half of it, but we saw the parts that we mostly wanted to see.

We hired a boat and went on the "lake" for half an hour as well. D started with the rowing, but I just couldn't deal with how rubbish he was so I took over after a few minutes, I used to row a lot on the fjords at home when I was younger.

We also went into Marie Antoinette's little house. It was really cute. In a way I think I liked that more than the Château. But that might be because it wasn't as busy. But I did like that it was just the size of a normal house and not as lavishly decorated, it was fairly "normal" (royalty normal).
If you ever visit France you should definitely pay Versailles a visit, there is so much to see, and just a perfect day out if the weather is nice. I even got a little sunburnt!

I have noticed that tourist attractions in Paris (maybe all of France) isn't too badly priced. In many countries you have to pay out of your ears and nose to get into attractions, but it was only 18 for the passport to Versailles, which pretty much included everything there, and if you're an EU citizen under the age of 26 you get in for free (Curse Norway and the EEA!). It's nice to finally be in a place where it's actually affordable to go to the tourist attractions even for people with little money.

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