Monday, 27 August 2012

The Blue Light

A few weeks ago I bought a TV for my bedroom (Grundig 32" LCD for those that care). I paid for it with the money I was going to give my Dad for rent, that way he can keep the TV when I leave, it just seemed a bit silly to buy a TV when I'm hopefully moving abroad in a year's time. It's nice to be able to watch TV in my room, to have a screen larger then my laptop to watch movies on, and that my room is now a bit more of a refuge.

Downside: the dust... The TV is all black and shiny so the dust shows really easy! And of course, it being a bedroom doesn't really make it any better!

Another downside, one that is much worse (in my eyes anyway), I can't turn it properly off! It only has a stand-by mode! It's terrible! What kind of modern (which usually means environmentally friendly) bullshit is this?! Surely if it's always on stand-by it must be guzzling up electricity? And I don't feel good about unplugging it all the time either, I feel like that can't be very good for the TV, but I just have to sometimes at night, there is an annoying blue light that is just far to bright sometimes when I try to sleep.
The light is just there... Staring at me... Keeping me awake...
It does say in the manual that it uses very little electricity in stand-by mode, but it's still using some! ...Couldn't the light at least be smaller if not non-existent? Like the tiny one next to the line!

Oh well, you learn something new every day, at least now I know to check for that the next time I buy a TV. 

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