Monday, 15 April 2013

Alton Towers

Big, fast, scary rides. People screaming their lungs off. Adrenaline running high.

A lot of people love this. I am not one of those people.

I have never been a fan of big rides, I think the first proper roller coaster I got on was in Disney World a few weeks ago! But I've been wanting to go on them for a long time, it looks like people have so much fun on them! So when Nicky asked me to go to Alton Towers with her last Saturday I did, I also did warn her that she would probably have to force me to go on the rides.

We were both surprised at how quiet the park was while we were there, I think the longest we had to queue was maybe 10 minutes!

As soon as we got inside the park we went on Air. This ride was okay actually, it was a nice start. You get tipped forward on your belly so it's almost as if you're flying. It looks like you're very close to the ground and you get turned around so that you're looking up at the sky at some points. We were going to go on it a second time before we left but it started raining and we didn't really feel like getting the rain in our faces.

After Air we went on Nemesis... And it really is my Nemesis! Nicky couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes after we got off just because of how pale I'd gone! Not a ride I'd want to go on again. Apparently it's the world's first floor-less roller coaster, and at least I can say I've done it!

The funny thing about Alton Towers is that in some places it looks like you're just in a big garden, had it not been for the screams you could easily forget you're in an amusement park.

I refused to go on Oblivion and Rita, Nicky did say it was probably for the best that I didn't go on Oblivion, it would have scared me to death apparently. I did however go on Th13teen, which wasn't too bad, there is two small drops but they are over before you have time to get too scared.

I also went on The Runaway Mine Train, twice! Hex was another ride I didn't mind going on, I got really dizzy from it though so I couldn't go on it again, but that's one I'd actually recommend.

As well as the rides above we went on Duel, you shoot a little lights, I won! And Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, you take a boat ride through the story and then you get on the glass elevator, which was funny. There was also a new feature: The Sanctuary. You have to walk through a dark maze, holding on to the shoulders of the person in front of you, which of course led to a lot of stepping on each other's heels. There are people jumping out at you, shouting or whispering in your ear... Neither Nicky or I liked it very much. We don't like being shouted at. We also got a stamp on our hand when we went in there, which I don't understand the meaning of...

Alton Towers is REALLY expensive! Normally 50GBP but we had a 2-for-1 ticket so we only paid 25GBP each, which is still a lot of money. I did feel bad that I didn't want to go on rides over and over again since Nicky loves it, especially since the queues were so short, but my headache that I got after the first two rides and the upset feeling tummy that only got worse as the day progressed begged me to stop.

I had more fun than I though I would, considering I don't like rides, but I don't think I'd pay to go back. If I did go back I'd probably just be a bag-holder and photographer for someone else. Or I'd just wander around the garden, I like the garden.

There is absolutely NO WAY I'm going back next month to go on The Smiler!! It looks terrifying!

(I can't believe I didn't actually take a picture of any of the big rides!)

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