Saturday, 6 April 2013

Some people..!

I've been staying with my friend Joe the last couple of weeks while we wait for the credit report to go through on the house we applied for, such a hassle just to let a property! You'd think we were buying it!

Like I said; I've been staying with Joe, until today that is. His landlord kicked me out!

His landlord knew I was staying there, we weren't hiding it from him or anything, he'd actually talked to me a week or so ago.

Then yesterday the toilet got clogged and the landlord is blaming it on me! Saying I probably put tampons in there or something! Er. No. I'm not that stupid! I haven't even had my period since I came over anyway!

But the landlord got in a foul mood about it. He seems to me to be one of those people that once he gets angry he lets it out on everyone else. He'd already told Joe a week ago that he has to be out by June or July as he's selling the property, which is fair enough. But then now he wants Joe out as soon as possible as well, he even threatened to change the locks!

Because I'm meeting with the letting company for the house a week from Monday I decided to just get a cheap B&B until then and I luckily managed to find one that was even close to town. I REALLY hope we get the house now, so does Joe of course. He doesn't want to stay in a place with a bipolar landlord.

By the time the landlord showed up to talk to Joe this afternoon he had calmed down and he let Joe stay in the flat until he finds somewhere new, and he's not changing the locks (until he goes off again next week or something anyway).

It's annoying  though. I'm glad I saved up so much money before I came over so that I can actually afford to stay at a B&B for a week. I just hope we get the house so I don't have to stay longer! I didn't think it would take this long to get the house in the first place, I seem to remember that last time I lived here it just took a few days to get everything sorted and for me to get the keys to a place when I moved somewhere.

Gods, forces, luck, fate... whatever is or isn't out there; PLEASE let us get this house!

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