Wednesday, 24 April 2013


My friend Nicky and I went to Liverpool last Saturday. I've been wanting to go there for years, although by the sounds of it it didn't use to be a very nice place back in the day.

I liked Liverpool, I wish I had a job and that we'd gone for the weekend as it would have been great for shopping. There was still loads to see though and Nicky and I decided to get one of those double decker tourist buses around the city. I'm very glad we did as we got to see much more going round on that than we would have just walking around.

We saw two cathedrals. One is old and apparently the biggest one in the UK and the other was very modern. We didn't like the modern one, not very pretty, I guess it's because when we hear the word cathedral we do kind of imagine a certain type of building, usually an old one.

We finished the day off by getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts and going up the Radio City tower, it was a nice day so the view was great. I don't think a lot of people know that you can go to the top of the tower as there was hardly anyone there, the price isn't too bad either, we got a 10% discount because of the tourist bus ticket and it only cost 4.50GBP.

I would love to go back to Liverpool, maybe get the train or a different coach so that I have more time there, or stay for a weekend. There seems to be a lot to do there like the Beatles Experience and the different museums and art galleries, and of course shopping.

Have you been to Liverpool? What would you recommend seeing there?

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