Friday, 19 April 2013

It's all coming together...

My friend Joe and I got the house we applied for. With all the hassle and time you'd think we were buying it but no, we are just renting.

The last few days have gone to receive and assemble furniture as the house is unfurnished, I still haven't assembled my bedroom furniture. I feel the rooms people will actually see are more important (Has to look nice for the house-warming ). The living room, kitchen and bathroom are fairly finished now, I'm just waiting for a washing machine, I need to do laundry! Hopefully I'll get some energy to sort my bedroom out soon. I actually had to buy an air mattress as they were unable to deliver my mattress for another 3 weeks!

The house is filled with cardboard and I just found out that we can't put the cardboard in the green bin, it has to go in a small box inside the blue bin! As if! Hopefully I can just put it all in the blue bin and instead put the glass in the little box and they will take it next time. They emptied the bins today of course so I have to wait another 2 weeks to find out if they will empty it or not!

At the moment we have no internet in the house. Joe's account will apparently take 16 days to transfer. But at least we have a working TV. It's nice to be close to town as well, I can walk to the store and market to do my shopping and to the library to use the internet.

So far I'm happy with the house. The kitchen is a decent size. We have a living room, dining room and three bedrooms, we did think about getting someone else to share with us as well and take the last room but then we decided it's nice to have a guest room. My friend Nicky can stay over after a night out and friends and family from Norway can come and visit.

I've also got a job interview for Monday! I'm very happy about it as it's up at the hospital, I was trying to get a job there last time I lived in Chesterfield as well. Now I'm just hoping I get the job!

Wish me luck!

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