Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Antique Antics

What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history - from the objects point of view. - The Daily Post

Who are you calling an antique!! I’m not that old, in fact I’m not old at all! 6 years. How is that old? I might be one of her oldest things in this house, but I am not OLD! You’d think something as “old” as me would have a nice place to live wouldn’t you? Where do you think she keeps me? Come on, guess. Hidden away in a wardrobe, that’s where you’ll find me! I’ve not even been out of the wardrobe in over a year! And I only came out of the wardrobe that time because she was moving houses, I’ve not been WORN in 4 years! 4 years! What kind of nonsense is that?!

I remember the start. She was so happy to find me. Said I was perfect. A few days after she bought me I was gently put into a suitcase, and I got to travel on a plane! I was a bit upset when she got me out of the suitcase, I had gotten all wrinkly. But she gently ironed all my creases out and hung me up in front of a window so I could look outside until she was going to wear me.

The first time she wore me was at a wedding! I was so excited! There were so many other pretty dresses there, we all had so much fun! I am loose over her belly so she could eat as much as she wanted to, and trust me, she ate a lot! Mostly cake. I am just glad she didn’t spill any food or drink on me. After the wedding I was put into the suitcase and put on a plane again, but this time she didn’t hang me up in front of a window, I went into a wardrobe. Which was fine, I didn’t expect to stay there long.

I hung there a while. I became great friends with the others in the wardrobe.  I was really happy for them when they got to go out and be worn, some of them were worn so much they started falling apart! I was happy I wasn’t worn that much, at least I got to stay pretty. I am 100% silk, I am nice and soft, I am so pretty I shine!

After a while I started getting jealous of my friends, I started thinking of them as cheap cotton glad rags. Why did they get to be worn so often and not me? I thought she liked me! Every time she opened the wardrobe I tried to stand out with my lovely colour. My lovely turquoise-y blue colour. She had said she loved my colour when she bought me. Now she ignored me. Every time. One day she took me out of the wardrobe and I got really excited. Finally I was going outside again! Finally I could make some new friends! But it turned out she was just moving me to a different house.

She finally wore me again on new years eve. A year and a half after the wedding. It was cold. I prefer summer. I didn’t feel I did a very good job of keeping her warm, but she didn’t seem to mind. She had a lot of alcohol. I met a lot of other lovely dresses this time as well, most of us wished our ladies had put a coat on as we all prefer the summer. None of the ladies seemed to mind though. As the night wore on and the ladies drank more and more we all got more and more nervous about getting drinks spilled on us. At least she doesn’t drink red wine.

I didn’t get my hopes up when she hung me back in the wardrobe this time, I prepared myself to see my friends go in and out while I just hung there for who knows how long. But then something happened. I got put in a suitcase again! I was very excited. Maybe we were going to another wedding! She hung me up in a new big wardrobe and I made some new friends, young friends, a little smaller than me. Just as I was getting nervous that she had only taken me out to move me again the most amazing thing happened! I was worn for another wedding! I was so excited! It had only been a few months since the last time she wore me. Maybe this signalled a new start!

The wedding was so much fun! I showed off my best side as she danced with me. I wanted to make her love me again. Wanted her to see how pretty I am so that she would continue to wear me. I allowed her to eat as much as she wanted again. I wonder if she eats that much cake in the other clothes? When I was put back in the wardrobe I was hopeful. I had done everything I could to show her how great and pretty I am.

I have not been worn since. It is very depressing. I am a piece of clothing, I am supposed to be worn. The clothes that are not silk are worn much more often. She said I’m special because I’m silk, but if I’m special why won’t she wear me?

She is trying to sell me now. She says it’s better. Says I will get another she that might appreciate my prettiness and wear me more often. I hope that’s true.

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