Sunday, 29 June 2014

EPCOT and Downtown Disney

As I have been to EPCOT before I decided to take the later bus from the hotel to the theme parks yesterday. I didn't have lie in, but it was nice to have time to write yesterday's post, have breakfast and explore the area my hotel is in.

I walked around the small lake by my hotel, which didn't take very long. There are mostly just souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants near me. Just like last time I was in America I quite enjoyed seeing restaurants that I've only ever heard about on films and TV. I even live within walking distance of Wet'n'Wild. Not that I'm interested in going there, even if it would be nice to cool down.

When I got to EPCOT I only had a short walk around before going through the back entrance to one of the resorts, where I caught a transfer bus to Downtown Disney to meet up with Sophie.

Sophie is a British girl I used to work with in a pub last time I lived in England, about 4-5 years ago, and I haven't seen her since then. She now lives and works in Orlando so it was nice to finally be able to meet up and catch up. We went to Earl of Sandwich for some late lunch, the sandwiched was really good, but the thing I liked the most was probably sitting inside for a little bit, I don't think I would have been able to eat my sandwich if I had been sitting outside in the heat.

Sophie had to go to work at 6pm and so I went back to EPCOT. I had a wander around the world showcase, before finding a spot in Italy to watch the fireworks from. I missed the fireworks last time so it was really nice to finally see them. The fireworks and light-show was absolutely amazing! If you go to EPCOT, don't miss it!

Unless you want to catch the monorail to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom after EPCOT, I suggest watching the fireworks at EPCOT in the world showcase on the other side of the entrance, that way you get to see some of the countries all lit up before exiting the park.

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