Saturday, 28 June 2014

Let there be magic!

Yesterday I got up with the sun, as I was waiting for the bus to take me to one of the parks I had a little look in the lake outside my hotel and I saw some big fish and turtles, it was quite fun looking at them swimming so close. I wonder if they're used to people dropping bread into the water there or something at breakfast time.

The bus from the hotel only stop at EPCOT out of the Disney Parks, but once you have your Disney ticket you can catch transfers to any of the parks from there. I decided to go to Magic Kingdom as it had said on the Dibb website that Magic Kingdom was going to be the last busy park yesterday, although with it being summer all parks will be busy now.

I got there just as they were doing the opening ceremony.

Last time I went to Magic Kingdom I wasn't exactly stressed out, but I did want to see absolutely everything in the park so I didn't really relax at all. This time was quite different, I was very chilled out as I walked around the park, I have already been on most of the rides and so I just strolled around and got on whatever rides I felt like, I didn't rush to get anywhere on time.

It was quite nice to be so chilled out, as the weather definitely wasn't! It was boiling hot, which I wouldn't have minded so much if it hadn't been for the humidity. Everything was sticking to me, it felt like my kneecaps were melting! If I ever do go back, please remind me to go in spring or autumn, NOT the middle of summer!! Water and ice cream was all I had all day, it was too hot for anything else, I wasn't even hungry thanks to the heat, especially not for the sugary foods they have at the parks.

I did catch one parade, only because I was walking past the castle as they were setting up for it. The Fantasy parade. I'm quite glad I caught it as they didn't have that one last time I went.

After the parade I headed straight to the Princess Fairytale Hall so Olaf could meet Princess Elsa and Anna. Popular princesses they are, I think I had to wait an hour in the queue! Thank goodness for the free wifi in the parks so I could keep myself distracted!

When we came out from seeing Elsa and Anna a thunderstorm had started. There was a big one around the same time last night as well, so I expected a massive downpour like the night before, but actually it was only spitting a little. I loved seeing the lightning tear across the sky and hearing the rumble of it a few seconds later. The lightning lasted the rest of the night. I am guessing it might be like this for the rest of my time here, hot and humid in the daytime then thunderstorms in the evenings thanks to the humidity.

I did not catch the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom last night. The fireworks didn't start until 10pm and the last bus to my hotel left from EPCOT at 10.05pm... Work that one out! It's a bit rubbish really, I realise I'm not staying at a resort hotel, but it would be nice if they had some later busses so people could stay until the fireworks show was over even if they're not staying inside Disney World, maybe just one extra bus from each park to the hotel after the park closes. Had I not seen the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom last year, I probably would have stayed and then forked out for a taxi back to the hotel, so in a way I'm glad I saw it last year.

Today my first purchase will be a hat! My face got very sunburned yesterday. Oops!

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