Sunday, 15 June 2014

Favourite mistake

Is there a mistake you've made that turned out to be a blessing - or otherwise changed your life for the better? - The Daily Post

Renting this house.

I had seen a flat on the letting website that I liked the look of. When I went into the estate agent's to borrow the keys to view the flat I could only remember the name of the road it was on, so the lady gave me some keys and said there was a sign on the side of the house. I didn't realise until after I had left with the keys that it wasn't supposed to be a house.

I decided to just have a little nosey at whatever she had given me the keys for and then, when handing the keys back, explain the mistake and get the keys for the flat I had meant the first time.

I easily found the agent's sign on the front of a terraced house. I opened the door with the keys I'd been given.... And I fell in love with the house straight away! It was old but at the same time had a modern feel to it as most of the walls were white, with only one wall in each room a different colour. There was an electric cooker (I can't deal with gas) and there was no carpet in the kitchen or bathroom, and best of all; it was quite big for a British house.

I enquired about the price, which was out of my budget, but not by much as the owner had apparently just knocked the price down to try and get someone to let it. As I couldn't afford it and I knew Joe wasn't happy about living so far out of town, I asked him if he wanted to share it, I wouldn't need 3 bedrooms on my own. He had a look at the house as well and liked it, so we moved in together.

I am really happy there was a misunderstanding and I got the wrong keys. If I had gotten the flat I would have lived there on my own as it was only one bedroom, and, as it turns out, it would have still been out of my budget. I thought I'd be able to get a full-time job when I moved back to England, but as it turns out I'm still in a part-time job, getting less overtime every week due to budget cuts, and so I would not have been able to afford to live on my own.

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