Thursday, 3 February 2011

England 2011

The manager's wife told me before I went to England that she would text me if she wanted me to work today, but I never got a text so I thought I could just relax and do whatever I wanted.

I walked in to town at about 1.30pm to go to the library and to find out what shifts I have this week and next. I'm lucky  did. I looked at the rota and I was supposed to start at 3.15pm today, so I just had to walk back home, put on my uniform, and walk back down again!

At least I got a lie in after not getting home until 2am last night.

Anyway. I had a great time I England, It was really nice to see everybody again. I didn't get to do everything I planned, but that doesn't really matter.
Some random art on the way to the train station
I didn't get to Chesterfield until 8pm-ish on Tuesday, so I didn't do anything except going to N's house and watch a bit of telly. As soon as I was walking through Chesterfield it felt like I had never left.

On Wednesday N and I went to Meadowhall (also known as Meadowhell) and did a little bit of shopping, I got some presents for my sister and my mum's cohabitant. When we got back to Chesterfield I stopped by the pub where I used to work, Yates's. I had not told them I was coming as I wanted to surprise them. They were surprised. It was like watching a film. The girl that spotted me first saw me but didn't really recognise me, then a second after she turned away from me she turned around and actually realized it was me. I had a few drinks and some people that were off that day came in to see me, so it was really nice.

Thursday we walked around Chesterfield and did some shopping there, then we went to Tokuda (It's actually calle O-Tokuda I think) in the evening. I love the food at Tokuda, I always have the all you can eat buffet thing, and actually prefer the starters. My favourites are the chicken dumplings and chicken skewers, I always ask for seconds (and thirds, fourths and so on...) of those.

On Friday I went to visit the family I used to be an au pair for, It was lovely seeing the girls again! I missed them so much.I think they missed me as well, or at least thought it was nice to see me, they were very hyper.

We were supposed to go around town on Saturday night, but unfortunately N hurt her knee, so she couldn't really walk around all night, so N, I and two others went to the cinema and saw "Tangled" instead. I really enjoyed it. Of course I wish N hadn't hurt her knee as I've not been out in ages, but at least we did something together.

On Sunday we just relaxed and I had a lovely Sunday roast dinner with N and her family.

N's dog Charlie

I spent some more money on Monday in Chesterfield, and then struggled to close my suitcase. N went to Sheffield to see Peter Kay Monday night because she got a ticked for Christmas. I'm slightly jealous about that.

Tuesday was going home day. I slept for about 2 hours and then I got up and left N's house at 3am and got home about 22 hours later... So the whole day was spent on coaches, planes and airports, and a ferry. I guess it's "practice" for when I got to Australia, that will take about 30 hours.
Watching the sunrise from the coach

A random picture taken through the very dirty coach window
It's a shame we didn't get to go to York Dungeon, but the train tickets were really expensive. 

Does anyone know why people are unable to wait when it comes to planes? Really. I want answers.

very dirty plane window
It starts at the gate; the people at the gate says they are now starting boarding, could the people sitting from rows 16 to 32 please come to the gate?

Why does almost everybody get up and go to the gate? Even the ones sat in row 2 goes to the gate Can they not count? Some have even started queuing up before the gate has opened. The plane will not leave without you as long as you pay attention and get to the gate before it closes. I always get to the gate in plenty of time, but I don't queue up until my seat row has been called up and the queue has gotten a little shorter, why stand when I can sit?

When we are in the air and as soon as the seatbelt sign has been switched off, you can hear lots of people taking their belts off. Is it really that uncomfortable having it on? You are allowed to loosen it if you can't breathe you know.

As soon as the plane lands you can hear people taking their seatbelts off again. Why? You still can't get up until the plane is at the gate, so why take the belt off?

Which leads me to the last question about plane impatience: why does everybody stand up as soon as the seatbelt sign is switched off? I can understand the people sitting by the aisle getting up; they need to get their things out from the overhead compartments and get off the plane so that other people can get off as well, but I don't understand why the people sitting by the windows get up when there is no possibility for them to get out.  I usually just sit until people near me are actually able to move towards the doors.

I have to admit I did try to get off the plane quicker than usual in Oslo when I was going to England. I had enough, but not much, time between my flights and I had to get my suitcase off the carousel and check it back in again. Although I needn't have bothered with trying to get off the plane quickly anyway as it took nearly half an hour for them to put the suitcases on the carousel.


There's no need to be impatient. If you try to be the first one to get off because you need to catch another flight/coach/bus/train you shouldn't have booked them so close together to begin with, things may run late sometimes.

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