Monday, 31 January 2011

I managed to close my suitcase!

My suitcase is very full. Hope it doesn't pop open on the plane. I bought a luggage-strap, so that should help a little.

I'm leaving at 3am tomorrow morning so I'm not going to bother going to bed, I'll just be even more tired if I do that. The last plane doesn't land until 11pm, so by the time I get home to my bed it's going to be 1 or 2am!

I have had a lovely time in England, I will write more about it when I'm back in Norway.

As geeky as it might sound: I'm looking forward to sitting down by my own laptop; looking through the photos I have taken during my visit on a screen larger than the one on my camera and reading the blog posts of the people I'm following.

I'm borrowing my friends netbook at the minute, It's a bit small for my liking, I'm not used to it, don't like it...

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