Tuesday, 27 December 2011

And a very stormy Christmas to you!

On Christmas day a big storm hit the town where I'm from in Norway.

Part of the roof of the building where my grandmother lives fell off and into the road. My grandmother is okay, she just said she heard a very big crash as it happened.

10, big, 35 year old trees below the family farm blew over. And there is loads of other damages all over the town as well.

I contacted my mum and dad as soon as I heard about the storm, they're all alright. I've also not heard about anyone else being hurt or worse, so I hope everyone is alright over there.


Kaby said...

Gosh, Lilly. I'm so glad they're okay. That stuff is so scary. I bet you wish you were home right now,.

Leslie said...

Wow...glad to hear that everyone is ok. It is supposed to pour here today..yuck.

....Petty Witter said...

Glad to hear all are well and no one was hurt.

Best wishes for 2012 to you and yours Lilly.


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