Thursday, 15 December 2011

Quick-mix Chocolate Cake

I've been really good lately. I've not had much chocolate, cakes, lollies in quite a while and I've been out running almost every night. But today the sugar craving was just too much. It started out as just the munchies, I wanted something to eat, but no matter how much fruit I ate I still wanted something else. Either salty or sweet. Then I suddenly thought of cakes. I don't know if I was watching tv and there was a cake on or something, but I NEEDED cake!!!

I found a recipe online, I thought I might as well try a new recipe out if I'm going to be bad. Not so sure about the Quick part of the name though, as if you follow the recipe it takes nearly 3 hours before you can actually eat it! And it didn't really whip together all that quick either (but that might just be because I have no patience).

If you want the recipe it's here. It turned out pretty tasty. Now the only problem is it has to be eaten, so I haven't just been bad today, but I'm going to be for a few more days as well..... Oh well. A treat now and then won't kill anyone!

And even if it does, it was totally worth it for this yummy cake!

Just a tip if you make it, it doesn't look like enough icing if you make the one in the recipe, but it is. There was actually some left over... Well there always is when I bake because I like to eat the icing! Favourite part of the cake! Oh! And the cake also rises to twice it's size, just something to keep in mind for the cake pan.

Finished result!

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