Friday, 16 December 2011

Are you serious!?

The Father's mother (M) and I have never really gotten along. Just one of those things where our personalities clash. So I usually try to stay away from her, but I'm civil and stuff when I see her.

A few weeks ago she was visiting and I came out of my room smelling burnt toast. I thought I'd cancel the toaster in case everyone else was busy, but when I got to the kitchen M was there. I told her I could smell burning toast.

M: yes.
Me: would you like me to get it out for you?
M: no, it's already burnt. There's no point.
Me: oh, but I can just press the cancel button.
M: there's no point, it's already burnt.

Well. Since I didn't want the whole house to smell of burnt toast I walked over to the toaster anyway and pressed the cancel button so that the toast popped up. M was next to me straight away, and pushed the toast back down."I know how to use the fucking toaster!"

I just gave up then and walked back to my room before I snapped at her. Apparently the toast was like charcoal when it came out again, because of course she'd started it from the beginning again when she pushed it back down.

After the toaster situation M hasn't said one word to me when we've met (which isn't very often thankfully). Today she dropped The Girl off because she'd had her for the night. She came in for a few minutes to see The Boy. Not a hello or goodbye to me, not a single word unless I spoke directly to her, and then only short replies.

I don't think I've met an adult acting so childish before! Especially in front of kids! Kids and young teenagers act like that. I don't care that she won't talk to me, but she could at least try to be civil in front of her grandkids!

Oh well, hopefully I'll never see her again after I finish in January.

But seriously?! Just because I tried to help her with the toaster?! I can be stubborn sometimes, but I don't think I'm THAT bad!

Would you be that mad at someone just because they helped you when you didn't want help?

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