Saturday, 30 March 2013

I'm back again!

I've now been back in Chesterfield since Monday. It's nice to be back and have my friends so close, but at the same time it feels like I'm just on a holiday.

I'm hoping the holiday feeling will go away when I get a job and a place to live. At the moment I'm staying with my friend Joe, his place is very small and it's outside of town but the bus stops right outside his flat so its easy to get in to town. We actually went for a walk yesterday morning and we're planning on going for one this morning as well, it is a nice place for walking, it's almost like you're in the middle of the country side in some places, only downside of that is that portions of our walk doesn't have side walks.

I went looking at a house on Tuesday, I was actually supposed to look at a flat in the same street, I didn't realize they had a house there as well, so when the letting company gave me the keys to go and have a look at the place I didn't realize I had gotten the wrong keys until I saw the house, and then I realized that the price the lady at the letting company had told me was higher that it was supposed to be as well. I decided to just have a look at the house anyway though, and; WOW! I fell in love with it! It's an old house, 3 bedrooms, two living rooms and plenty of storage. Joe had come with me to look at it and he quite liked it as well. The price was higher that what I would pay but since Joe's tiny flat is quite expensive I asked if he wanted to be house mates, the house would be almost half of what Joe's rent is now and it's close enough to his work that he won't have to pay for bus or taxi.

I had made arrangements to look at another house on Wednesday so I went to look at that as well. The house would have been big enough and cheap enough for just me, there was two bedrooms though, but it had a fairly large garden, which is nice but it's something that I would have to look after and spend money on. So after viewing it I went and saw Joe at work and asked if he was sure he wanted to shared the first house with me, which he was, so I went and got an application and at the same time paid the fee that means no one else gets to look at it. At least the house is big enough that Joe and I can still get some time apart from each other if we want it. We can have a living room each!

Since it's Easter we won't get an answer about the credit check and whether we get the house or not until next week, but fingers crossed!! I loved it so I'm hoping we'll get it. Although I really wanted to have a house or flat to myself it will be nice to share as the rent and bills will all be cut in half, and since it's three bedroom I can still have friends and family over!

I might also have a job interview lined up. My friend Nicky told me about a job becoming available next week at a grocery store near her, her sister works there and is doing the interviews so she'll get me an application. At least it's a type of job I've got experience with so I might have a chance of getting it.

I'm really glad I decided to go back to Chesterfield; when you've got friends nearby it makes it much easier to start from scratch. 

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