Monday, 18 March 2013

Around the world in one day

Saturday March 9th I went to Epcot. As I always wake up early I was there before they opened and the lines were quite short, I also got to move to an even shorter line once I found out that because my hotel room key was my ticket I could go to a different entrance.

Epcot is divided into two parts, Future World and World Showcase, World Showcase opens about two hours after Future World so there is plenty of time to check out all the rides in Future World before having a wander around the Showcase. There was also a flower festival at Epcot while I was there so there was lots of characters made out of topiary everywhere. It's impressive to see what some people are able to make.

There were quite a few rides in Future World and they were all good, some of my favourites were: Spaceship Earth, the Chevrolet Test Track - which was also a little scary as it went quite fast and had some sudden stops, Journey into imagination with Figment, Mission Space - I really liked that you could choose two different intensities on this ride, and Captain EO - a really old 3D movie and it was really silly but also a little fun. I also wish I had gone on "Soaring" but the lines were so long and I didn't even think of getting a Fast Pass.

For those of you that doesn't know what the Epcot World Showcase is - it's a Showcase of different countries around the world. Each country has their own little area and you can buy food and merchandise from that country and the buildings are made in the countries own style and the people that work there are from the respective countries and their uniform is a kind of national costume of their country. A few of the countries has rides or movies but not all of them.

Once the World Showcase opened I went in a clockwise direction. When walking that way Mexico is the first country. They have a little boat tour showing the sights of Mexico which also stars the three Caballeros.

The next stop is Norway. I have to say they did a good job with the buildings -  making them look Norwegian. Norway also had a ride, Maelstrom, I didn't like the commentator on the ride, just because the Norwegian accent was so thick, but some Norwegians does talk that way when speaking English and I guess it's fun for people that are not Norwegian, wouldn't feel very Norwegian with a thick American or British accent.

After Norway there is China, Germany and Italy before America had their own little area. Then came Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. It was really fun to walk around and see everyone's area, with the buildings and everything.

Most countries looked the way I know them to look or the way I imagined them to look, except for Canada, which has a big focus on native Canadians and lumber. I also saw the 360 circle vision film in Canada. It was interesting but since you had to stand the whole time it was very tiring, and I don't really get why it was 360, I couldn't be bothered to turn around after a couple of minutes and it would have been just as good  if it was just a big widescreen or something.

I read on a website that Epcot was bigger than Magic Kingdom and that you need more than a day to get around it, maybe you do with kids, but I actually left long before it was closing. I did want to see the fireworks in the evening but I had gotten sunburnt and needed to relax so I went back to the hotel. I did feel like I had seen everything I really wanted to see though.

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