Monday, 20 September 2010


My mum and I are looking at flights and hotels to London at the moment. I just suddenly wanted to go, and I want to go before Christmas so that I can get some presents, so we're looking at November. We've found some fairly cheap plane tickets and also a cheap (ish) hotel right next to Hyde Park! The hotel's even got good reviews!

I'm also hopefully going to England in January, to Chesterfield, which is where I lived for over 3 years before I moved back to Norway in May this year. It would be really nice to see all my friends up there again. I miss Chesterfield.

I was thinking about Australia earlier today, as I do most days, and I started looking at plane tickets. And then I noticed the flight time: 30 hours!! 30 hours! That's stopping in Heathrow and Dubai as well. But that's when I depart from Oslo, so I also have to get a plane down to Oslo, so that would make it more than 30 hours. But it doesn't matter, I don't mind how long I have to sit on a plane, I'm going to Australia.
As I was looking at the flight itineraries I also started getting tears in my eyes... Why? I'm not sure, I had to ask myself that question. I think it's because I will miss my family and friends a lot, especially since I'm going so far away. I think I also got tears in my eyes because I was getting so excited... Australia! It's hopefully less than a year until I go!

I just got an e-mail from KILROY education about half an hour ago, they've sent my application to Griffith today!!! I'm so excited! My heart fluttered as I was reading the e-mail. I just hope they reply quickly and that it's a positive response.

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