Saturday, 4 September 2010


I've recently been to Turkey, to Alanya to be more precise. It was really nice, although I would have preferred to go in the spring or autumn as it was too hot to actually do anything, we spent most of the time lying by the pool or indoors when that was too hot as well.

I had a Turkish bath on the second day there, it was lovely, most of the time anyway. They went a bit too far up my thighs for my liking, and the exfoliating wasn't exactly gentle, but other than that it was just heavenly, just lying there getting pampered, and I actually got a bit of a tan too, so I think it helped. I mean, I hardly ever get a tan, probably because I always remember to put on sun cream (I'd rather be pale than risk melanoma).

I tried some Turkish delight while I was in Turkey, and I just have to ask if anyone actually like it?! I'm sorry, but it's definitely not my cup of tea.

As usual in these places the people in the shops and in restaurants chase you down the streets trying to get you to buy something with them, I guess in a way they do actually work for their customers, but sometimes it can get too much. 
I got some birthday and Christmas presents while I was down there, yeah, I know it's only September, but I like starting early, this time last year I was nearly finished.

We went to Alanya Castle and watched the sunset one day, it was absolutely lovely! If any of you ever go to Alanya you should really go up to the Castle and see the sunset, loads of picture opportunities.

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