Wednesday, 4 May 2011

D is for...

Drinks (Alcoholic)
Sparkling rose, made with real strawberries.
Before I moved to England I didn't really drink. This is partly because going out and getting drinks in Norway is really expensive, but also partly because I don't like the taste of alcohol, so I wasn't really bothered about not drinking  I'm still not really bothered about it to be honest, but it can be nice to sit down with a few drinks with friends sometimes. I don't understand people that go out and drink just to get drunk. I have been drunk a few times as well, but I prefer not to be. It's a lot more fun when I know whats happening around me and I don't feel like I need to be sick. I've never been hungover though, which many people don't like me for.
Aquavit, made from potatoes, tastes horrible.
I don't like beer. My friends say I'm probably the only person that has lived in Britain (and even worked in a pub there) that doesn't like beer.
Turkish beer, brewed at the restaurant.
When I drink I like to have either a glass of rosé, very sweet white wine or a cocktail. I love cocktails. Probably because I can't really taste the alcohol in them.
This is actually a non-alcoholic one, but you get my point.
Just a tip: don't start out with an ice cream cocktail when going out. They're rather sickening.
One of my favorite candy is "Tyrkisk Peber". It's hard liquorice candy, filled with a very spicy powder. Except for Nordic people I haven't come across anyone that likes it. Anyway, they've also made a liquor out of it "Hot n'Sweet"(you can make your own as well, using the candy and vodka). I quite like it, but it's very strong and most people drink it as shots... I like to sip it, to enjoy it.
I took it with me to England. No one liked it. But a friend of the family I au paired for wanted to do shots with me using it... I drank him "under the table" as they say.
Don't mess with my favorite shot!
When I went to Trondheim a few weeks ago to visit my friend we made our own cocktail before going to a house party. I thought I'd share the recipe with you guys as I really enjoyed this cocktail. We found the recipe on Apéritif, that is also where the picture of it is from.


2cl Bacardi Apple rum
3cl Sourz Apple
1/2cl Blue Curacao
8cl Apple juice
2cl Freshly squeezed lime juice (we used concentrate)

1/2cl egg-whites (we didn't use this)
Some thin apple wedges/slices (or this)

Fill half a cocktail shaker with ice (we didn't use that either...), and add all the ingredients.
Shake well and pour it through a sieve into some large cooled cocktail glasses.
If you've got some apple, decorate with it on the edge of the glass or using a cocktail stick.

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Leslie said...

Great D ~ I am a drinker like you.. I rarely get drunk but do enjoy some mojito's and margarita's quite often. : )

The apple drink looks pretty darned good!!!
see ya tomorrow.


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