Sunday, 29 May 2011

I've got blisters under my toes!

My mother and I went hiking again today. Up a real mountain this time. Actually 3 mountains, but they're connected so it's not as bad as it sounds.

 This first picture was taken in April, so some of the snow has gone, there wasn't any snow where we walked though. The starting point might have been a little more to the right. But the trail goes straight up, so it's really steep.
 View from the first mountaintop, Vikaksla.
View from the second mountaintop, Liahornet.
 The cairn at the second mountaintop.
Finally at the last mountaintop, Båten. Do you see the snow?
Planking at Båten, first time I've "planked". My mother thought I should do it on top of the cairn, but 1) I couldn't get up, 2) I was terrified of falling off it.

Here's a little video for you from the top of Båten. It was really windy as you can hear, and about midway through, you can see the wrist-strap on my camera flying into the picture.

On the way down it started raining, and we got to see this beautiful rainbow. It's actually a double one, do you see both of them?

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Leslie said...

Wow.. what gorgeous land!!! I bet you were sore after that.
Great place to view a rainbow!!!


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