Sunday, 15 May 2011

O is for...


I took these photos when I visited my dad in 2008. My camera had broke, so I got to borrow my dad's really expensive digital SLR. I want one! Not an expensive one though. When I walked around Oslo with my dad's I was terrified of dropping it or someone stealing it or something. But I guess my small "normal" one is easier to have when I traveling, and it's easy to just put in my bag or pocket and have it with me everywhere.

Grand Hotel

Oslo City Hall

Some guys that were just randomly standing in front of the Royal Palace and ruined my shot.

 I think this is the courthouse, but I'm not sure. Might be a museum...
Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

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Leslie said...

Wow ... what grand beauty!!! Those pictures are amazing!!! I have an slr camera but I have no idea how to use it correctly. : )
See ya for P


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